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Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks
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For Heavy Duty Milling Machine "Crystal" brand Electroperm Magnetic Chucks ensure higher magnetic and mechanical performances, as well as absolute reliability, when compared with conventional chucks. Electriperm Magnetic Chuck is "COLD" device, not subject to internal wear or deformation resulting from moving internal parts. Our Electroperm Magnetic Chucks do not consume electrical power except for the very short period of activation or deactivation of the working surface. Once fixed to the machine table Electroperm Magnetic Chucks will be geomertrically stable as the table itself.Electroperm Magntic Chucks are economical for operation and maintanace. Electroperm Magnetic Chucks Produce magnetic clamping system for the Most Powerfull Machine tools available. Systems are switched ON or OFF with simple electrical pulse. Electroperm Magnetic Chucks are entirely independent of external power supply when holding work pieces. There is no risk,when power fails. The de-magnetization cycle of Electoperm Magnetic chuck eliminates possible residual magnetism in the workpiece,therefore easy release for high alloy steel parats. They are designed for heavy operation such as milling cut of 3 to 6 mm depth at recommended speed & feed.


Cat No.
AA - 50201
450 x 150 x 100
AA - 50202
500 x 200 x 100
AA - 50203
600 x 200 x 100
AA - 50204
600 x 250 x 100
AA - 50205
750 x 250 x 100
AA - 50206
900 x 250 x 100
AA - 50207
600 x 300 x 100
AA - 50208
750 x 300 x 100