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Magnetic Bases (Series AA - 160)

Magnetic Bases (Series AA - 160)
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With Fine Adjustment with two balls and Socket joint with central Knob for instant fixation A power permanent Magnetic Base hold firmly to any steel or iron surface-horizontally, vertically or up- side down, thus, eliminating time spent on clamping indicator to machine The dial gauge can be locked in any desired position with single lock (Centralised clamping) The clamping hole intended for dia 8 mm stem and dovetail clamp for dial test indicator. Fine Adjustment is provided. The clamping is very easy and smooth as same is achieved by operating the centralized Knob.


Cat No.
50W x 55H x 60L x230
50W x 55H x 60L x230
50W x 55H x 60L x 230
48W x 64H x 70L x 230